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Author Topic: Linda Ikeji Latest News >> Naija News Blogger  (Read 71 times)


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  • [url=https://Megrichmobile.Com.ng][img]http://alexis.lindaikejisblog.com/photos/shares/59ac163aa0ca5.jpg[/img][/url]Just about just about every Nigerian knows who Linda Ikeji is. Her blog has grow to be incredibly well-known only a couple of years ago. A
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Linda Ikeji Latest News >> Naija News Blogger
« on: January 14, 2018, 09:43:06 PM »

Just about just about every Nigerian knows who Linda Ikeji is. Her blog has grow to be incredibly well-known only a couple of years ago. And currently now she is the richest blogger in Nigeria. It is no wonder that persons want to know about her private life asking _who is Linda Ikeji boyfriend_ or _is she married_. Regrettably, Linda_s private life is not as bright and successful as her excellent career is. A couple years ago she told she was single. Linda stated she was searching a decent, sincere and supporting man, who would let her do what she liked to. Linda said she wouldn't go on a date with a younger man but she could effortlessly marry a man who earned much less.

And then all of a sudden she was spotted with a man a great deal older than her. It was Dan Foster. He is a Black American radio celebrity. He came to reside and operate in Nigeria. The fans were sad and disappointed. They believed their beloved celebrity deserves a lot more. There had been hundreds of rumors about this couple. Also there were plenty of haters and _dust_. Following breaking up, Dan gave a shocking interview opening all the secrets of their relationships. He told that Linda loved him incredibly considerably. But he _took her for granted_. He dated two more girls at the similar time. Dan didn_t appreciate her feelings considerably.

He mentioned plenty of interesting and unexpected issues. He stated that Linda was a good _kid_. He hopes Linda can obtain an individual for her but she ought to come across the right individual. Since Ikeji is truly into a company she is undertaking now. He said Linda was and is pretty truthful. Dan believed he wasn_t superior enough for her then. I often asked her why me_ - he stated. But Linda was truly into him. And Dan couldn_t believe that. Unfortunately, he took her for granted. He believed she could quickly obtain some fine model-guy on the runway. But Linda was so significant about Dan. She was in true really like with him.

But, unfortunately, in the end it didn_t operate out. And the reason was - he took her for granted and he was dating other girls although he was dating her. Dan tried to have relationships in Abuja and in Warri even though Linda was in Lagos. He mentioned that it was a nightmare. Dan insures that he doesn_t want to go via such scenario once again. He mentioned he had 3 wonderful women at a time and then he lost them all. Since they all had been waiting for his choice. Dan told that 1 of girls knew about all the rest ones. That girl could have turn out to be the only 1. But he hurt her so badly.

So the girl even had to leave the nation immediately after their breaking up. Dan mentioned he felt poor. But when he went to the local cinema to unwind he met his wife. Now he is married and has kids. Linda_s fans nonetheless cannot think that such girl is single. So they cannot quit seeking for the most current rumors about her private life. Linda has currently got utilised to it. Recently there have been some intriguing rumors about Linda_s plans about wedding. Folks said Linda was going to marry her beloved boyfriend. They stated Linda was dating with him for about a year.

The most current rumors stated that the secret wedding was planned on 2016. And it_s going to take spot in some countryside. Read ALSO: Who is Linda Ikeji? Is she the major blogger in Nigeria? Linda never denies the rumors. She does not say she is single or she is dating a guy. She keeps a secret. Nevertheless, a couple of months just before persons saw her on the vacation with 1 of her most effective friends. They know every other since her modeling period. Previously, she said that they have been just pals. But now men and women saw a thing far more in those photographs of them. Just after her tricky partnership and breaking up with Dan, it_s not a surprise that she tries to hide her beloved person. It_s particular that Dan_s truthful interview hurt her extremely substantially. So now it's doable that she is afraid to hear something like this from her new beloved guy. In any case, Linda is hunting for her true adore not creating _breaking news_ of it. This topic is too private for her. Nevertheless, she likes to speak about other_s private life. You can frequently meet some rumors about other celebrities in her blog. That is why she has plenty of haters and enemies amongst them. We want Linda come across her like! And no matter whether these rumors about her friend are true, her fans will be happy about that! For the reason that such effective lady will have to be profitable in everything!

Linda tends to make huge funds through her weblog from the adverts run by major Nigerian corporations and entertainment small business outfits. Her blog also enjoys between 100,000 to 250,000 visits from more than 180 countries each day. Can you beat that? It is no news that Linda Ikeji has received several awards and accolades from household. Nevertheless, what is news is that Linda Ikeji_s Blog has traveled beyond the shores of this land. Quite lately, she was recognized as a single of the most outstanding bloggers in Africa. Of course, Linda remains a force to reckon with when it comes to celebrity gists, entertainment, and so on. In the August edition of Forbes, Linda debuts in the prestigious Forbes Africa magazine and tagged as Nigeria_s highest paid blogger.

That edition of Forbes Magazine was meant to honor and appreciate the participation of ladies in company. According to the Managing Editor of Forbes, Chris Bishop, the edition mirrors some of the most prominent and effective ladies to date. The Forbes recognition is a good achievement for the Lady blogger, owing to the prestige and glamor associated with being featured and celebrated on Forbes list, a feat which even additional influential persons by no means achieve. Other awards the weblog has earned contain: Very best Every day Study, Nigerian Weblog of the Year, "Most Controversial Blog" and Most effective Entertainment Weblog. Update: Google, the well known search giant, lately announced that Linda Ikeji is the most popular searched term in 2014. Wow, out of all the hundreds of billions of searches Nigerians made in the year by way of Google ? Not even the name of our president or "Nigeria" came major?

That is a very outstanding position to attain! She is a Multibillionaire! Fame and wealth are two inseparable twins_one follows the other! Just as it was rightly pointed out above, Yes Linda Ikeji is a multimillionaire. Linda is so wealthy from her blogging efforts that she could practically afford something she desires. She has purchased properties worth millions of naira for her parents in a choice component of Lagos. Moving from a jaw-breaking 2008 Toyata Camry she purchased in 2011, the a single-time "struggling model" has added the most recent 2014 Range Rover Sport to her fleet of vehicles. Each cars are worth millions of Naira. Updates: In 2015, Linda bought a mansion worth over 600 million naira in Banana Island, Lagos to the surprise of a lot of.

Effectively, blogging has really paid her fairly effectively! It is often stated that "the rich also cry"! The achievement and popularity of Linda Ikeji_s weblog has brought her not only buddies, but several enemies as well. Fame appears to have left her exposed to too numerous criticisms. Quite a few dirty allegations and counter-accusations have been leveled against her in a bid to get her down. Linda has been slapped with series of accusations of prying into the private lives of Nigerian celebrities. For example, she has received strong verbal assaults and legal threats from popular actors such as Richard Mofe Damijo, Jim Iyke, Stella Damascus just to mention a few. This led Google to take down her weblog but it was at some point restored 24 hours later when the dispute was withdrawn.

It is interesting to note that Mr Aye Dee turned out to be Linda_s former mentor and close associate with whom she claimed to have lost make contact with a handful of years ago. Mr Aye Dee felt insulted that Linda Ikeji left him since of fame even although his suggestions was instrumental to the good results of her weblog. Anyway, Linda admitted to be partly guilty of the applying other people_s content material, from time to time forgetting to give credit, and apologized for it! She is nevertheless Single! Yes, Linda has it all_money, fame, beauty_but one! However, she is yet to experience the joy of marriage. Or might I say, the test of marriage? As a Nigerian woman living in a culture where a woman is believed to be incomplete no matter how achieved she is until she claims the title of Mrs., 1 can visualize how unfulfilled. However, marriage is a big ocean which you must not dive into unprepared, no matter the stress. It is a frequent point to come across divorce among Nigerian celebrities presently. So, it may well truly be worth taking one_s time. Nevertheless, Linda really should think about the fact time is not on her side. Wellness-smart, doctors agree that the probability of making healthier youngsters and obtaining secure deliveries diminishes as a lady ages. Hence, it will be sensible for her to make hay though the sun shines. Wishing Linda Ifeoma Ikeji, Nigeria_s Queen of blogging, all the finest in life!

This is just a tip of the iceberg of what I was referring to when many individuals waded into my fight with celebrity blogger, Linda Ikeji, two years ago and claimed that I was "jealous" of her wealth. Individuals insinuated all sorts then_if only they knew. They did not understand the hugely irritating "money miss road" syndrome that Linda exudes and misconstrued my comments. Think it or not, there is a thing like too considerably wealth and it can make one unhappy. I will be AFRAID to own 1 BILLION DOLLARS like Linda just boasted of owning_who desires to be a target of kidnappers and armed robbers? Thanks_but no, thanks_I am completely fine the way I am.

She also bragged that she can Acquire ANY MAN? BringBackOurBeforeBeforeLinda. This is not the Linda I knew in between 2006 - 2010. She utilised to be such a lovely, warm, humble, chick. I don't forget when the bragging very first started_I honestly interpreted it then as celebrating God_s blessings rather than boasting. God knows, I cried tears of pure joy when Linda initially travelled to America and took images at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel exactly where she was lodging. I cried since I knew exactly where she was coming from and watched her operate her way to the prime. Linda worked pretty tough and was so constant with her blogging. She blogged for absolutely free because she loved her job. She was open_sometimes also open and I_d contact her and ask her to delete some points she had written_but I progressively realised that her openness was really endearing and the public loved her for it. I watched Linda_s attitude alter as she grew wealthier and was at 1st worried before my feelings piqued to irritation or "bad bele" for those who prefer to interpret it thus ? Some issues are better left unsaid, so I will not go into intimate information of numerous other incidents that occurred. It doesn_t matter what any individual thinks at this point_my concerns are: "What occurred to Linda Ikeji"? Exactly where is the old Linda Ikeji"? Who did this to Linda Ikeji"? I am worried_honest I am.

Edit or otherwise modify any material on the web page or

Sep 2016 Guardian Lady

For any indirect, special or consequential loss or

When some of the stories posted on her


She hails from Nkwerre, in Imo State

For LIB readers, fans and curious minds who wants to reach out to Nigeria's most preferred blogger, please check out her mobile platform. Good news is that you can stop by the lindaikeji mobi outdoors of your mobile devices. A letter to some Nigerians and LIB fans: please cease this ethnicity hate crimes. Google suspending Linda Ikeji blog has nothing to do with her obtaining a Variety Rover or constructing a home. Neither does it have anything to do with Ibo vs Yoruba. I am quite confident that Google founders or operators are not yoruba and do not discriminate based on ethnicity. Let's quit this invasive rumor and aid a single another. Trash speaking and stupid comments is not helping Linda, other bloggers and Nigeria as a entire.

Linda Ikeji whose blog was shut down more than 24 hours ago, explains in a new post the real reason for her shut down. According to her, an old cyber friend_s vendetta following he felt ignored by Linda. Linda explains in this weblog post written by 1am, Friday October 10, 2014 her conversation with AyeDee and the genuine purpose for the shut down. What you are about to study is fairly long_and chilling! To comprehend this I am going to start out from the beginning but before that I want to talk about plagiarism. My understanding of plagiarism is when you take someone_s perform and republish it verbatim as your own perform. I don_t do that.

But if I have ever done that in the previous then I apologize. It was an oversight. I do get a lot of original content, way far more than any other blogger in this country. Some of the largest news stories in this nation in recent occasions was broken by LIB. From Goldie_s death (God rest her soul) Aluu4, ABSU rape, P-Square saga, Solomon Akiyesi and lots more. And when I take news from other sources, I constantly credit them. When I do not give credit is when the news is everywhere so I create it in my own words and make it mine. I do not think that is a crime.
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